Welcome to Amplifino

Amplifino is the home of passionate technologists and experienced software developers with a genuine interest in business opportunities. We provide consultancy services in design, development and tuning of complex mission critical software. We also assist in setting up the necessary tooling to create a fast-paced development environment.

What's in a name?

Amplifino is a contraction of “amplify” and “innovation” which is the main theme of our company’s services. We continuously strive to innovate our industry and amplify external innovation applying, advocating and providing advice on innovation of customer projects.


Together, our founding partners have over 100 years of experience in a variety of markets: ranging from travel organisations and banking to insurance and product modelling for the energy market. The latter has become our primary focus, but is in no way a limiting factor.

Founding partners

Three of our founding partners have a technical background and focus on the architecture, design and development of "custom" software. Our fourth partner manages the functionality, requirements and project delivery and is thus highly complementary to the others. Recently, the Amplifino team has been reinforced with 3 young software developers who share the same passion.


Objects and object technology in general are at the core of Amplifino’s team methodology. "OSGi" is one of our favourite technologies. Its promise to make component based development work, is well proven by Amplifino. Almost all of our projects are executed with OSGi, to the great satisfaction of our customers.


Our Innovation Amplifiers

Rik Deruyter - Founder
Karel Haeck - Founder & Principal
Joost Bruneel - Founder & Smart Coder
Rudi Vankeirsbilck - Founder & Object Smith
Jarno Vergote - Software Developer
Thomas Vandebuerie - Software Developer
Maxim Ramboer - Software Developer
Govanni Naessens - Software Developer

Code corner

We started two projects to experiment with recent technologies. Both are work in progress, but may contain useful ideas! Do not hesitate to check them out.


Amplifino is a young company that was founded in 2014 in the region of Kortrijk (Belgium). We are currently working with about 10 people on a number of projects both in Belgium and abroad. We specialise in IoT type of projects where hardware, data communication and data collection are very important. We are also active in the field of Artificial Intelligence to forecast data that monitored systems will be measuring later. Finally, we also execute more complex system integration projects for our customers.

To reinforce the team, we are looking for a java developer with at least 5 years of experience that is capable or working independently. He/she will be responsible for developing a green-field solution for our customer in the “marketing space”. The current solution of our customer is a hodgepodge of some 15 tools that due to the many data inconsistencies, block the customer from growing any further. It was therefore decided to build a in-house solution with state of the art technology. He/she will become part of an existing small team and can start immediately.

The candidate

  • has a profound knowledge of Java 8
  • has knowledge of and ideally experience with OSGi
  • has a profound knowledge of and experience with relational databases, JDBC (MySQL/Aurora especially)
  • has a profound knowledge of and experience with REST
  • has knowledge of and ideally experience with ActiveMQ
  • has knowledge of and ideally experience with Amazon cloud services
  • is capable of working independently in an international project team

Amplifino offers

  • excellent renumeration, complemented with extra legal benefits
  • a company car
  • hospital insurance
  • company insurance (pension related)
  • a young and dynamic team
  • flexibility
  • permanent training

Are you the perfect match? please contact rik.deruyter@amplifino.com

Contact us

  Snowball, Evolis 104, 8530 Harelbeke, Belgium
 +32 492 73 40 05